ClariAd is the online advertising agency based on results. We are the best performance agency for advertisers due to our high competitiveness.

Our daily work is based on generating new strategies and testing them in order to find the most efficient way to present your advertising campaign.
We are fully committed to our clients business, and we possess the necessary knowhow of the industry. We possess the best technology, all to be able to guarantee to the advertiser the possibility of obtaining unlimited traffic anywhere in the world in any model they need (CPM, CPC, CPA).

No two campaigns are alike

For ClariAd, you are special. Our expert team will analyze your advertising goals, and will present to you exactly what you need to achieve them. This includes all creative material, such as banners, or the landing page, as well as other gadgets that are required in order to reach your goal.

Our daily work will allow you to obtain the best price for your stock, and we are always reviewing on a daily basis the performance of the campaign, thus being able to present to you a full analysis of the campaign itself. This allows us to be a very efficient agency. It means we are competitive.

Performance Campaigns (result driven advertising)

We seek real results for you. Result driven online advertising means interacting with real people online, in order to obtain clicks, actions or whatever it takes in order to guarantee an advantage or a sale for the advertiser.
We can offer CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mile) and CPA (cost per action). All of this guarantees that the advertiser will get something in return for the money they invest.

This is the advertising method for the future. You will change your advertising cost into a true investment that either benefits your sale force, or guarantees you will obtain the results you want.

Other things we can offer to you

    • Display: Great worldwide stock (CPC, CPM and CPA) that guarantees presenting your ads all over the world, in all the different configurations you might need.
    • E-MAIL: We have access to a list of well over 100 million names (all over the world), as well as affiliates that can send non-spam emails, with high volume results and quality visitors to your brand.
    • SEARCH: We have the best strategy.
    • Social Networks: We know exactly how to make your Twitter or Facebook account, as well as any other Social Network accounts you might have, work for you.

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