About Us

Mexico City, January 1st, 2012.- The wait is over! Today, a media network that allows you to generate quality leads, as well as to intelligently monetize your stock, has been born. All of this is thanks to an outstanding performance agency in Mexico. An organization composed of internet professionals with an international focus have decided to place their expertise and knowledge to the service of any company that needs them.
Their goal to “present a proposal that can manage to satisfy all advertising needs of each company” for all advertisers and, in order to do so, they focus and channel all the knowledge and power of the internet to obtain great results.

This outstanding team of professionals has the right formula to generate more value to the stock they work on, and that is why several media and content creating companies in the industry actively look forward to working with ClariAd.



ClariAd has been funded with the firm conviction of making a full commitment with the market. Before ClariAd, no agency fully committed to real results, which is a true necessity amongst advertisers that want to reach their commercial goals day by day, and with affiliates who need to intelligently monetize their stock in order to make the most of it.

This is why ClariAd was funded by experts in the online marketing industry whom, thanks to years of experience and dedication, can detect how traditional agencies are not taking care of these real and contemporary needs.

“The internet truly is a world of possibilities for advertisers and affiliates, and we can use it to provide our advertisers with specific information that can help them know the market, in order to perfect their tools of the trade. That way, we can carefully segment all stock from our affiliates in order for them to intelligently monetize it. These are the actual words with which the board ended the meeting on which ClariAd was created.”

Our business is based on:

    • Understanding the needs of the advertiser.
    • Creating a strategy based on real results.
    • Implementing the plan by performing a daily evaluation of the results.

For the affiliates, our proposal consists of intelligently monetizing their stock, instead of simply suggesting a list of advertisers. With information based on results, we will tell you exactly how to make the most of the traffic you have. ClariAd is synonymous with timely payments and with having access to the largest advertising portfolio possible.

What We Do

ClariAd is an agency based on performance and real results, for advertisers and affiliates. The formula works because the daily work of each member of the company allows virtually any advertised brand to build online communities in order to lure in new clients, new users, or to accomplish any specific goal you have in mind.

The formula consists in developing particularly integral solutions for acquiring clients through the internet. We do not just brag about it. We really are your best option from CPM or CPC, up to campaigns specializing in cost per acquisition, and we will outline a smart strategy that will allow you to reach you goals. If you want to monetize the traffic you get, we will daily study your market and your users, and we will point your traffic to where it can be more competitive. This will bring you considerable financial benefits.

This is why we insist that we are your better choice. Our daily work is detailed and transparent. We know how to analyze daily results in order to improve every time.


Do take into consideration that we have the experience and expertise that you need. Our main goal is to meet the objectives of our clients.

Our strict policy for internal confidentiality is backed by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other legal documents, in order to assure you that you will never have to worry about a possible information leak.

“I have worked with ClariAd, offering their performance-based approach to my clients and now, the outstanding work of this agency has brought me instant prestige and recognition. I now know they will always be able to help me achieve my goals”. Ann, Mobile Content Industry.

We also understand your business. If a proposal from a client breaks your traditional way of thinking, don’t worry about it!

In ClariAd, we have the necessary infrastructure to aid you.

No need to think too much about it. We invite you to approach our team of experts. Consult with us, and together we can find the best proposal for your clients.


For more information, please contact us.